3 days in itasca state park, minnesota

itasca state park, minnesota | planning a trip to the headwaters, aiton fire tower, or douglas lodge? this guide will help you make the most out of your vacation to one of minnesotas greatest state parks!

i might be biased, but i think minnesota has the. best. state. parks. honestly, we’re a little spoiled here in the land of 10,000 lakes, but i wouldn’t have it any other way. this past weekend, we spent 3 days in itasca state park. besides being the oldest state park in minnesota, itasca also houses the headwaters of the mississippi river. we made sure to hit up all the best parts of the park and i am here to tell you allllll about it. so, our 3 days in itasca starts out with… day 1 we drove into the park […]

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what we eat while camping (+ a meal plan!!)

what i eat while camping (+ meal plan!) | camping food is the best food, am i right? there's just something about eating your meal next to a fire surrounded by nature. but without access to a fridge, how do you decide what to cook? this guide will give you 10 grocery essentials to bring on every camping trip and even give you a sample meal plan to follow! click through to check it out!

if we’re being honest, food is the best part of any trip. i’m extremely type a in the sense that i LOVE planning trips, events, etc. (but extremely type b in the sense that my room is always super dirty. sorry mom). my favorite things to plan, however, are the meals i’ll eat while camping. maybe its the challenge of having to cook over a wood fire, or the fact that i also absolutely love grocery shopping, but planning meals is just all around a great time. essentials before i hit the grocery store, i usually have a mental checklist of the basics i’ll […]

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black hills, south dakota travel guide

Black Hills, SD Travel Guide | Are you looking to spend time in Custer, Keystone, or Mount Rushmore this summer? This travel guide has 5 (+ a bonus!) MUST SEE things to do when in Badlands country! Click through to read about camping, restaurants, and activities in the Black Hills!

if there’s one sentence in the world i never thought i would say, it would be “wow, south dakota is so pretty!” you have to agree with me- it sounds kind of silly. but honestly! one visit to the black hills and i was suddenly in love with the entire state of south dakota (okay, that’s an exaggeration… but i will never underestimate south dakota again!). i’m a firm believer of adventuring any chance you get, so when my roommate and i saw we had a four day weekend over Easter, we immediately planned a roadtrip. she had family that […]

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