what we eat while camping (+ a meal plan!!)

what i eat while camping (+ meal plan!) | camping food is the best food, am i right? there's just something about eating your meal next to a fire surrounded by nature. but without access to a fridge, how do you decide what to cook? this guide will give you 10 grocery essentials to bring on every camping trip and even give you a sample meal plan to follow! click through to check it out!

if we’re being honest, food is the best part of any trip. i’m extremely type a in the sense that i LOVE planning trips, events, etc. (but extremely type b in the sense that my room is always super dirty. sorry mom). my favorite things to plan, however, are the meals i’ll eat while camping. maybe its the challenge of having to cook over a wood fire, or the fact that i also absolutely love grocery shopping, but planning meals is just all around a great time. essentials before i hit the grocery store, i usually have a mental checklist of the basics i’ll […]

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