vance creek bridge (abandoned railroad) in washington state!

sarah and i got back a few days ago from spending 16 days on the road! we went on so many cool adventures and visited so many new parks as we made our way across the west coast. one of those said adventures, was walking on vance creek bridge, the abandoned railroad near olympia, washington.

if you’ve never seen this bridge before, it was made super popular on instagram a while ago trending with the hashtag #ThatPNWBridge. today, this bridge is burned, vandalized, and wrapped in razor wire to try and keep tourists off. there’s signs warning that the bridge is private property and to stay off. but sarah and i didn’t drive half way across the country to NOT go on the bridge, ya know?

i was a little naive and didn’t think we would actually get fined for trespassing… i just had it in my head that it wouldn’t happen. but it did. because that’s how my life usually goes. lol.

to get to the bridge you have to search vance creek viaduct on google maps, do not try and use the apple maps app– it doesn’t bring you to the same place. you can pretty easily spot the trail leading to the bridge and it’s no more than a 10 minute walk on the gravel path. it was cool to be on the bridge (i think it’s like 384 feet in the air?? i peed my pants a little climbing on it) and if you’re a thrill seeker i have some advice for you:

  • try to go super early in the morning before a security guard is likely to be working,
  • take an alternate route back from the bridge so you’re not easily seen by the security guard, or
  • just be an out of state resident so you don’t have to deal with an actual charge and going to court and all that.


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